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Vizsla Dog Breed

Aliases: Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog, Rovidszoru Magyar Vizsla

Life Span: 11-15 years of age
Litter Size: 6-8 puppies, typically 7 puppies to a litter
Group: Gun Dog, AKC Sporting
Color: solid rust colors in any shading. Very pale yellow and very dark mahogany colors may be a fault in some registries. Black in the coat is a serious fault.
Hair Length: Short
Size: Large
Shedding: Lite Shed
Male Height: 22-26 inches (56-66cm)
Male Weight: 45-60 pounds (20-27kg)
Female Height: 20-24 inches (51-61cm)
Female Weight: 40-55 pounds (18-25kg)
 General info courtesy of Additional information about this breed can be found on their website.

Thyroid Disease - Medium Risk

The Vizsla ranks #50 among all breeds for autoimmune thyroiditis prevalence. While this is not a high risk breed, there is still a good chance of disease transmission through breeding. Therefore, all dogs intended for breeding should be tested first. 

 Rank Among Breeds  Number of Dogs Tested  Percent of Dogs With Disease
 #50  672  7.9%

You can download the full report (on all breeds) by the Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health. Here

Other Health Problems

The interbreeding to preserve the line results in a number of inherited health issues. While these conditions do not occur in all lines they can include:

  • Eye diseases and problems among Vizslas include progressive retinal atrophy, entropion, ectropion and corneal dystrophy. Ectropion, or loose eyelids, gives your dog a sagging-eyed look. With entropion, the hairy skin surrounding the eye acts as an irritant.
  • Stomach or digestive system difficulties include dysphagia- megaesophagus. A Vizlas with this condition struggles to swallow. There is also associated muscle wasting and excessive drooling.
  • Allergies to food and some plant life. Owners have noted the development of rashes on their dogs after romps through the woods.
  • Sebaceous adenitis or inflamed skin glands.