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Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier Dog Breed

Aliases: Old English Terrier

Life Span: Welsh Terriers are hardy and typically live to be 10-12 years old if they are healthy and active. Some live to be 15 years old. In addition, these dogs typically keep their activity level and alertness well into their old age.
Litter Size: 3-6 puppies per litter
Group: Terrier
Color: The Welsh Terrier\'s jacket is black, spreading up onto the neck, down onto the tail and into the upper thighs. Their legs, quarters, and head are clear tan, which is a deep reddish brown color. Some have grizzle jackets, as well. White is allowed only as small marks on the front of the breast.
Hair Length: Medium
Size: Medium
Shedding: Lite Shed
Male Height: 15-15 1/2 inches high at the withers
Male Weight: 18-21 pounds
Female Height: 15 inches high at the withers
Female Weight: 17-20 pounds
 General info courtesy of Additional information about this breed can be found on their website.

Thyroid Disease - Low Risk

The Welsh Terrier ranks #123 among all breeds for autoimmune thyroiditis prevalence. This is considered a low risk breed so your chances of obtaining a dog with the disease is small. It is still suggested that dogs meant for breeding still be tested to help bring the incidence of disease even lower (or even eliminate it). 

 Rank Among Breeds  Number of Dogs Tested  Percent of Dogs With Disease
 #123  263 2.3%

You can download the full report (on all breeds) by the Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health. Here

Other Health Problems

Welsh Terriers are typically very hardy and healthy dogs. There are no specific medical defects noted in the breed, except that they are prone to luxated lens, a dislocation of the lens in the eye that can lead to secondary glaucoma and cause blindness. They also occasionally have epilepsy and thyroid conditions. In addition, some blood lines tend to be prone to minor skin and eye problems. Overall, they have maintained their healthy and sturdy tendencies through years of breeding.