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Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon Dog Breed

Aliases: Belgian Griffons, Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois,

Life Span: 13-15 years
Litter Size: 2-3 pups at a time
Group: The Griffon is categorized in the Terrier and toy groups.
Recognized By: CKC, FCI, NKC, APRI
Color: The Griffon comes in red, black or black and tan, with no particular color being more popular than the other.
Hair Length: Medium, Short
Size: Toy/Small
Shedding: Lite Shed, Moderate Shed
Male Height: 7-8 inches or 18-20cm
Male Weight: 6-12 pounds or 2.5-5.5kg
Female Height: 7-8 inches or 18-20cm
Female Weight: 6-12 pounds or 2.5-5.5kg
 General info courtesy of Additional information about this breed can be found on their website.

Thyroid Disease - Low Risk

The Brussels Griffon ranks #131 among all breeds for autoimmune thyroiditis prevalence. This is considered a low risk breed so your chances of obtaining a dog with the disease is small. It is still suggested that dogs meant for breeding still be tested to help bring the incidence of disease even lower (or even eliminate it). 

 Rank Among Breeds  Number of Dogs Tested  Percent of Dogs With Disease
 #131  118  1.7%

You can download the full report (on all breeds) by the Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health. Here

Other Health Problems

While Griffons suffer common canine maladies no more or less than any other breed, they will, at times, suffer ailments due to their unique facial anatomy, such as the prominent wide set eyes.

  • stenotic nares, also known as narrowed nostrils, combined with extended soft palates can sometimes hinder breathing
  • protopsis or the prolapse/expulsion of the eyeball
  • eyeball lacerations 
  • cataracts
  • distichiasis 
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • difficult whelping, often requiring a vet to perform a Cesarean section

Miniature breeds are known to suffer from hydrocephalus (the breeding of miniature Griffons is highly discouraged)