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American Bulldog

American Bulldog Dog Breed

Aliases: None

Life Span: 10 and 15 years
Litter Size: 6 to 16 puppies
Group: They belong to the rare, working, and guardian groups of dogs.
Recognized By: CKC, UKC, NKC
Color: This breeds coat is white or white with patches that are either red (i.e. any shade of tan) or brindle.
Hair Length: Short
Size: Large, Extra Large
Shedding: Moderate Shed
Male Height: 22-27 inches
Male Weight: 75-125 pounds
Female Height: 20-25 inches
Female Weight: 60-100 pounds
 General info courtesy of Additional information about this breed can be found on their website.

Thyroid Disease - Low Risk

The American Bulldog ranks #90 among all breeds for autoimmune thyroiditis prevalence. This is considered a low risk breed so your chances of obtaining a dog with the disease is small. It is still suggested that dogs meant for breeding still be tested to help bring the incidence of disease even lower (or even eliminate it). 

 Rank Among Breeds  Number of Dogs Tested  Percent of Dogs With Disease
 #90  229  3.9%

You can download the full report (on all breeds) by the Michigan State University Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health. Here

Other Health Problems

Though the American Bulldog is a healthy and sturdy animal it is important to be aware of the potential health issues it can be faced with. To begin, the most devastating and prevalent health concern for the American Bulldog or any other breed for that matter is Canine Hip Dysplasia otherwise known as CHD. CHD occurs when the femoral bone does not fit properly in the joint socket causing pain and difficulty in standing or walking. In addition, if CHD is not treated properly it can cause another disease that is known as Degenerative Joint Disease or DJD.

Some other health concerns you will want to be aware of regarding your American Bulldog follows:

  • eye problems
  • entropion eyelids
  • elbow dysplasia
  • skin and allergy problems that can be signals of immune problems.

Bulldogs are also susceptible to heart murmurs, but these are usually benign as well as bilateral and unilateral deafness.

When you are purchasing an American Bulldog, it is thus very important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable breeder who certifies and gives their puppies health screenings. You want to also make sure that they give you warranties for the dog or dogs that they are selling you.