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Food Sensitivity

What is food sensitivity or food intolerance?

Unlike a food allergy a food sensitivity is a more delayed response and can be detected by measuring IgA and IgM antibodies.  Food sensitivities are more common than allergies.

What are the symptoms of food sensitivity?

Typical symptoms include irritable bowels, diarrhea, gas, and itchy skin.

What can be done about food sensitivity?

Fortunately, symptoms can be remedied by removing the food from the pet’s diet.  However, this can be a long and expensive process of trying various foods.  As an anternate to the trial and error approach, we recommend using the NutriScan test.  Nutriscan was developed by world-renowned veterinarian, Dr. Jean Dodds.  This test is available for dogs, cats, and horses.  It uses saliva collected at home and sent in for testing against the 24 most common ingredients in pet foods.

How do I test my companion animal?

We recommend the NutriScan testing service.  For more information, contact or call 714-891-2022.