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VT10: Canine TgAA Immunoassay

An effective test for thyroid disease diagnosis in dogs.

The Canine Thyroglobulin Autoantibody Enzyme Immuno-assay (TgAA EIA) Kits are to be used for autoimmune thyroid disease diagnosis in dogs. This is a 96 well microplate assay with the capacity to test 42 samples in duplicate.*

VT10 thyroid disease diagnosis kit for dogs

Purified canine thyroglobulin (Tg) is used to detect autoantibodies to Tg. Dogs that test negative using this simple assay (product VT 10), are free of Tg autoantibodies, and therefore free of disease.  However, recent studies[1] have shown that some (less than 10%) of the positive results obtained using the VT 10 kit alone are false positives resulting from non-specific binding of canine Ig to the test wells.  Therefore, we recommend that dogs that test positive be retested with the Non-Specific Binding Kit. (Product VT 11)

*We strongly recommend testing all samples in duplicate to ensure accurate testing results.

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VT10 Kit (single plate): $385.00
*Volume discounts and bulk reagents available.*

1. Nachreiner, R.F., et al.  Canine TgAA assay modification to reduce false positive results from
non-specific binding.  Society of Comparative Endocrinology, 2003 annual meeting.