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VT80: Cortisol/Creatinine Ratio Kit

Cushing’s disease (also known as Hyperadrenocorticism) in dogs typically affects older dogs and presents numerous symptoms that are also present in other diseases, such as increased thirst, loss of hair, obesity, and muscle weakness.  This can add to the difficulty of diagnosing Cushing’s disease.  The most common cause is due to pituitary tumors leading to an excess of cortisone in the blood.

Cushing’s disease can easily be ruled out by performing this urinary cortisol to creatinine ratio and can be confirmed by follow-up blood tests.

This assay provides a convenient Cushing’s disease test for dogs that allows testing of up to 40 samples at once and designed for high through-put labs.  The cortisol assay is a competitive ELISA and is very sensitive and reliable.  The results are used in conjunction with the creatinine assay to determine the ratio.

Typical Standard Curve

Cortisol/Creatinine Chart

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VT80 Kit: $335.00
*Volume Discounts Available.*