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VT20: Home or Veterinary Screening Kit

Affordable, effective, and easy test for autoimmune thyroiditis that can be done in your own home.

This kit is intended for the screening of individual dogs prior to breeding by owners, breeders, and veterinarians. This kit provides a quick and economical way to screen for autoimmune thyroid disease in dogs. Using the Screening Kit helps you make an informed decision regarding the necessity of a complete thyroid panel before breeding your dog. For this screening you need to obtain a few drops of the dog's blood. The analysis is performed in professional laboratories using a state-of-the-art enzyme immunoassay kit that detects antibodies to canine thyroglobulin. Samples are analyzed and the results are reported directly to you.

This at home thyroid test for dogs includes everything needed to screen for this disease:

  • Detailed information about the disease and the test
  • A simple blood spot collection kit
  • Plastic pouch containing a desiccant bag
  • Dog and owner return address information form.

The TgAA screening test for autoimmune thyroiditis is available from Hemolife