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VT12: TgAA Immunoassay with Non-Specific Binding

This kit is a combination of the VT 10 and the VT 11 assays. Each plate has alternating rows for TgAA and Non-Specific Binding (NSB).

This kit is one of our most popular products.  It contains alternating rows of TgAA test strips from the VT10 assay and NSB strips from the VT11 assay allowing quick sample loading and a single plate reading.  Each kit can accommodate 21 samples in duplicate.*

* We strongly recommend that samples be tested at least in duplicate to ensure testing accuracy.

To place an order contact our sales staff at (800) 266-9477. You can also email them at

VT12 Kit (single plate w/ alternating columns): $310.00
*Volume Discounts Available.*